About the Department

Maitreyi College has been demonstrating its serious commitment to sports since its inception. Notable Indian national and international level sportspersons count Maitreyi as their alma mater, bringing laurels and accolades for the country. The sports curriculum at Maitreyi College boasts of 15 different types of sports, ensuring that no sports enthusiast experiences any kind of lacunae in their chosen passion. In the newly revised syllabi, the introduction of Physical Education as a Generic Elective for the Honours courses has been a milestone for sport recognition and sanction. Students now have the opportunity to explore myriad dimensions associated with sports as a part of their educational degree. The course content comprises of Yoga & Stress Management, Fitness, Wellness & Nutrition, Health Education, Anatomy & Physiology, Athletic care & First Aid.

The Physical Education Department stands out particularly due to the ability of our students in amalgamating academic excellence with success in sports. On their part, the faculty members enable and encourage the sport students to strike this balance, ensuring institutional support for the students’ careers. The Department organizes various workshops, seminars and fun activities in order to encourage participation and spread awareness amongst all Maitreyi students regarding the field.

Core Team

Faculty Member: Dr. Shipra Verma

Student Coordinator:

  • President : Gauri Apurva
  • Vice President : Radhika
  • General Secretary : Anoushka Bhardwaj
  • Joint Secretary : Deepanshi
  • Treasurer : Ritik Rai
  • Senior Advisor :
  • Senior Advisor :
  • Senior Advisor :
  • Senior Advisor :
  • Senior Advisor : 

Sports Played At Maitreyi College:

Athletics, Basketball, Boxing, Chess, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Judo, Kabaddi, Kho- Kho, Netball, Softball, Swimming, Powerlifting, Taekwondo, Wrestling and Yoga.


Maitreyi College has both indoor and outdoor Sports facilities. The details are given below.


Maitreyi College Sports department has one indoor hall where Judo, Teakwando, Wrestling, Yoga practices take place.


Maitreyi College has one synthetic basketball court, Boxing, Cricket Netball, Volleyball Court, Handball and Football with movable poles. The college also has a baseball and a softball ground. 200mtr. athletic track is also available. To practice weighting and powerlifting the college provides a separate bamboo room along with a changing room and Lockers facility for students.


1. Refreshment coupons given to students after practice.

2. Changing Room available

3. Resting Room that students can use after practice.

4. Lockers Facility available.

5. Coaches for each game provided by college.

6. First Aid


  • Participation at International Level 5000/-
  • Medal in Nationals 2500/2000/1500/-


Scholarship and free ship are given on the basis of performance and the achievements in sports.