Administrative and Accounts Staff

S. No. Name of employee Department Designation
1 Mr. Ranu Kumar Administration Administrative Officer
2 Mrs. Radhika Verma Administration Sr. P.A to Principal
3 Mrs. Kanta Gusain Administration Section Officer
4 Mr. Mahender Singh Administration Senior Assistant
5 Mr. Brajesh Mishra Administration Senior Assistant
6 Ms. Deepika Arora Administration Assistant
7 Mr. Praveen Kumar Accounts Junior Assistant
8 Mr. Sachin Saini Administration Junior Assistant
9 Mr. Ram Vilas Administration Junior Assistant
10 Mr. Thaneshwar Pandey Administration Junior Assistant
11 Mr. Darshan Singh Administration Driver
12 Mr. Naresh Kumar Administration Office Attendant
13 Mr. Subhash Administration OfficeAttendant
14 Mr. Des Raj Administration Security Guard
15 Mr. Khageshwar Pandey Administration Security Guard
16 Mr. Chhedilal Administration Gardner
17 Mr. Jitender Sharma Accounts Section Officer
18 Mr. Sanjay Ahuja Accounts Senior Assistant
19 Ms. Jyoti Devi Accounts Junior Assistant
20 Mr. Sunit Singh Accounts Office Attendant
21 Mr. Surjeet Kumar Accounts Office Attendant