Atharvān (अथर्वण) Skill Development Centre

Vision and Mission

The vision of the proposed centre “Atharvān” is to be a partner in utilizing the potential of technologies drawn from diverse disciplines to build a sustainable and prosperous future for India. It aims to integrate technologies for sustainable development. Mission of the centre is to facilitate capacity building of stakeholders to fulfill the skill gap required to implement technology oriented solutions to resolve the challenges impeding sustainable development. Technology plays a crucial role in achieving sustainable development goals by addressing various environmental, social and economic challenges. The objective of this centre is to conduct specialized courses for integrated learning of various aspects of sustainable development, creation, assimilation, and dissemination of knowledge from various disciplines for building a holistic perspective for a sustainable future.

Agriculture is the bedrock of civilization. Current global challenges particularly with the intense climate changes need technology interventions to support the agricultural network in diverse agro-climatic zones. Protecting vulnerable biodiversity and in particular crops - wild relatives and varieties, requires creation of facilities like Climate Controlled Greenhouses and associated trained manpower at different levels to augment the traditional cropping systems. Integrated activities have been proposed at the Centre to enrich curricular designs via implementation of Skill Enhancement Courses to train students in these technologies of farming in greenhouses, automation via IoT (Internet of Things) and to develop an orientation towards evolving and implementing measures to achieve sustainability.

Various Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC) courses are run by the college under the umbrella of UGCF 2022 curriculum and are aimed at providing hands-on training, competencies, proficiency and skills to students. The college has been conducting various certificate courses and short-term courses for the students as well as the faculty and non-teaching staff. The resource person includes the experienced college faculty and certified trainers.