About the Department

In 1967, Maitreyi College established its Department of Chemistry to delve into fundamental chemical properties, keeping pace with advancements in the field. The department's core mission revolves around nurturing a deep understanding of chemistry while offering a strong platform for students' comprehensive development. Emphasizing hands-on learning and multidisciplinary research, it fosters a research-oriented mindset among students. The department offers honours course in chemistry and various programs courses among other departments, focusing on skill development for enhanced opportunities. Department has four well equipped laboratories to conduct experimental work. With a faculty comprising 17 highly qualified individuals possessing excellent teaching and extensive research prowess, supported by 14 dedicated lab staff managing four laboratories, the department ensures top-notch academic performance. Moreover, the department showcases its achievements through the publication of the annual magazine "CHEMZONE" and hosts the annual fest "CHEMSOPHY."

Teacher-in-Charge: Dr. Hema Bhandari