Research @Maitreyi

Undergraduate education at Maitreyi College has been distinguished by its emphasis on integrating research into the teaching-learning process. By providing adequate infrastructure and introducing research opportunities, the college has successfully nurtured the curiosity, innovation, productivity of young minds in their respective fields of interest. The college’s vision of promoting a hands-on approach to scientific learning has effectively brought research into the classroom, thus laying the foundation for a scientifically strong nation and fostering the interest of young researchers in scientific fields. Since 2018, students have been offered research opportunities through various college sponsored projects, facilitated by the faculty. As a result, Maitreyi has evolved into a thriving research hub, with faculty members from diverse disciplines supervising doctoral research. The calibre of research conducted by both students and faculty is evident through a multitude of publications in journals of national and international repute. Notably several research papers have been co-authored by undergraduate students, further highlighting their active involvement in research endeavours.