Loss of book/card(IN CASE OF:)


The loss of library card should be immediately reported in the prescribed form available at the library circulation counter. Any loss that the library may incur on account of the loss of a library Reader’s card will be the entire responsibility of the owner of the card.

The duplicate card will be issued on 1st& 15th of every month and in case of holidays on the next working day.


(A) The loss of books must immediately be reported in writing to the librarian. The members must replace the lost books within 15 days from the date of loss of books reported. In case the book(s) is /are of the volumes of the set the entire set has to be replaced.

(B) In case of loss of a book which is out of print the member shall bring the relevant certificate from the distributors/ Book sellers if publisher is local and then from the publishers about the non availability of the book.


If a member does not return the book after three reminders. The matter may be referred to the Principal. The membership will be canceled and/or disciplinary action will be taken against that user.

No dues certificate

A no dues certificate will be signed by the librarian, on the prescribed form obtained from the office at the time of leaving the college.

Breach of library rules

As the college library is a place of individual study it is necessary to maintain an atmosphere of quiet and dignity inside the library. Talking and smoking are strictly prohibited in the library. Any student whose act is considered undesirable by the librarian she may be refused admission into the library.

Care of books

Library books are costly and often rare. They should be used and handled with care. Members shall not write upon, damage, tear down the leaves of, or make a mark upon any book.

Before leaving the circulation counter the member must satisfy themselves whether the book lent to her is in the sound condition. If not user shall immediately bring the matter to the notice of the librarian or his deputy in his absence. Otherwise member themselves shall be held responsible for any damage noticed/reported later or at the time of returning the books. A member shall be responsible for any loss or damage to the book or other document belonging to the library while under their use and shall be required to replace such books or documents. Penalty for books lost, damaged, mutilated or defaced by marking shall be fixed by the librarian.

Change of Address

Any change in residential address/contact No. of any member may please be intimated in writing to the librarian.