About the Department

Since its establishment in 1967, the Department of Mathematics has remained dedicated to empowering students to reach their goals by providing high-quality education that fosters enhanced reasoning and analytical skills. The Department cultivates an environment that fosters the growth of analytical minds. Students in the Department of Mathematics receive a holistic education designed to empower them as leaders. Our goal is to provide students with a profound mathematical experience, encouraging critical thinking, effective communication of mathematical concepts and instilling a commitment to lifelong learning. Our teaching methods include engaging discussions, application-based examples, and the incorporation of PowerPoint presentations. Practical learning is emphasized, leveraging modern software tools such as Maxima, Matlab, LaTeX, and Statistical software-R to enhance conceptual understanding. 


We aim to facilitate interdisciplinary learning, broadening students' perspectives and equipping them with resources not only for mastering mathematics but also for confident competition across diverse fields. In addition to the standard curriculum, the department organizes various lectures, academic activities and competitions to foster comprehensive student development. Notably, the Department conducts certificate courses, benefiting students from both Maitreyi College and across the country. Faculty members actively contribute as resource persons and creators of e-content for these courses. Our students and faculty members actively collaborate with the Center for Research, participating in Annual Research Projects and Summer Internship Projects.


The Department takes pride in the publication of its yearly e-newsletter, Convergence. This platform provides a space for students, alumni and faculty members to contribute articles, poetry and creative pieces of work. It offers students a valuable opportunity to showcase their creative and writing skills, creating a vibrant and inclusive community within the Department. The newsletter serves as a dynamic showcase of the diverse talents within the mathematics community, fostering a sense of collaboration and shared intellectual exploration.


Students who graduate from the Department have a wide variety of career options to choose from. These include academics, research, civil services, actuarial sciences, data analysis, project development, investment sciences, space dynamics, law, management, banking, defense operations and entrepreneurship.


Our cherished alumni, maintaining a continuous connection with us, have carved remarkable paths across diverse fields. Their outstanding achievements resonate as a testament to the excellence instilled during their time in the Department. To foster a vibrant exchange of experiences and insights, the Department regularly organizes engaging interactions with our accomplished alumni. These sessions not only serve as a testament to the enduring success of our graduates but also play a pivotal role in inspiring and motivating our current students, creating a beautiful cycle of shared wisdom and inspiration.


Teacher Incharge: Dr. Geetan Manchanda