Our Alumni with Significant Achievements:

Deepali Ghosh

Wing Commander (Retd.), Indian Air Force

In my first class itself, I understood that what I knew about maths was just the tip of the iceberg. There were unfathomable depths yet to discovered. Our professors waged the difficult battle of getting us to learn the mysteries of maths. Whether it was sitting with us for extra classes to clear our doubts or chasing us through the cafeteria to get us to attend the class, the amount of effort they put in finally yielded results. The NCC wing at the college also gave me a push in the right direction. I got to live my dream of becoming a pilot in the Air Force. I was blessed to get the opportunity and encouragement at Maitreyi college to pursue my choice of career.

Dr. S. Manjula Gandhi

Associate Professor, Department of Computing, Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

I moved from Tamil Nadu to New Delhi for my undergraduate studies, joined Maitreyi College and opted for B.Sc. (Honours) in Mathematics. Maitreyi College gave me a very good environment for my education, especially Library, Chemistry Lab, Computer Science Lab, Garden, BasketBall court, etc. We were given freedom to explore things and learnt a lot from my staffs and friends. The foundation learnt at Maitreyi has helped me reach my current position. I would take this opportunity to thank all my staffs for their support and guidance.

Ms. Vartika Mehta

Database Engineer (Microsoft)

Maitreyi college has played a huge role in shaping my career .I did not just gain knowledge but also gained a perspective towards life. It prepared me with the finest academics and gave me a platform to generate my dreams into reality. The teaching staff had always been very supportive and the friendships I made transformed my experience as one of the most memorable one. In nutshell , the green lawns , the red corridors , joyful festivals and the warmth of home made it into a beautiful memory of my lifetime.

Ms. Himani Yadav

Instructor, Department of Mathematics, University of the People

Maitreyi College gave me confidence and helped me believe in myself. I have been honored to be taught by such eminent faculty members, who guided me in times when I was lost. Words can't explain my wonderful experience at the College and how it built a strong foundation for my future in the field of mathematics. The memories I had in those years will always be in my heart, and the values I learned stand firm in my mind forever.

Ms. Vanshika Pahwa

Associate Software Engineer (Cogoport)

Maitreyi College is one of the place close to my heart, learnt a lot from there, met good friends and surely the amazing faculty who stood by me everytime I needed them. All in all a great experience of 3 yrs and getting a tag of being Maitreyian .

Ms. Shoaiba Khan

Business Development & Sales Manager (BYJU’S)

I will always be grateful to Maitreyi College and all my professors and seniors. I am a person who is very enthusiastic and eager to learn, has done multiple things in college, and still did great in academics. The Placement Cell has played a crucial role in my life. My Placement Cell's journey has been a mixed bag of happiness, fights, jealousy, friendship, fun, etc. It was not easy by any means, but I kept pushing myself. The Placement cell helped me discover myself. I owe a better part of my personality to it. I can keep talking about how much placement cell has helped me evolve. Thank you, Placement Cell, for inculcating leadership qualities and making me a better person.

Ms. Awanya Dabas

Batch 2022

At Maitreyi, my journey has been full of ups and downs. Before Maitreyi, I’ve never seen any place where the crowd is as involved with an individual’s growth, as we do at Maitreyi! Every woman here encourages and pushes you to deliver your best every single time. It's a place where women empower women! The department of mathematics welcomed me with open arms. Everyone in the department, including teachers, batchmates & seniors, were very helpful and supportive in the best manner possible. Lots of fun, countless events & achievements, teachers who are more-than-just-teachers, family-like friends, lots of confidence and a truckload of memories is what I got from the college, and I feel super grateful for that.