Students' Union

About Students' Union

The Students' Union is a council of student representatives who work for the welfare of students. It serves as an umbrella body over various clubs, departmental and cultural societies in the college. It acts as a liaison between faculty members, administrative staff, and students. It advocates for student rights, welfare, and interests in areas such as academic policies, campus facilities, student services, extracurricular activities and more.

The Students’ Union is democratically elected by the student body through elections every year. It consists of the President, Vice President, General Secretary and Treasurer. Under the able guidance and support of the Principal and Advisory Committee, it organises co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to maintain a well-balanced, active, and vibrant body of students.


The Students’ Union aims to empower students and instill a sense of community, fostering an inclusive, diverse and dynamic college environment where everyone feels heard and valued. It strives to provide opportunities and promote academic excellence, personal and professional growth while ensuring equitable access to resources. It envisions positive change by inspiring social responsibility and ethical leadership.


  • To develop a sense of belongingness and spirit of pride in students.
  • To ensure that students are valued and supported in pursuing their passion and educational aspirations.
  • To facilitate student participation in the decision making process.
  • To streamline the availability of mental health counselling and other support services creating a safe space for students.
  • To ensure student engagement in all initiatives and establish social cohesion amongst them.
  • To nurture the talent and interest of students by providing ample extracurricular and co curricular opportunities.

Student Members

Sivasankari J


B.A. Political Science (Hons.), 3 Year

Ahana Saha

(Vice President)

B.Sc. (Hons.) Zoology, 3 Year

Tanisha Vashist

(General Secretary)

B.A. Political Science (Hons.), 1 Year



B.A. Political Science (Hons.), 1 Year

Students’ Union Activities

The Students’ Union organises a wide range of events and initiatives to enhance the social, cultural, and recreational aspects of student life. From hosting engaging workshops, seminars and talks, to organising cultural festivals, flashmobs, open mics and charity drives, the Students’ Union is committed to creating opportunities for students to explore their passions, broaden their horizons, and form lasting connections with their peers.

The members of Student's Union assist in the Admissions process and the Orientation Programme organised for new students annually. It organises Freshers Day, Teacher's Day, the annual College Fest - Rhapsody, the annual Diwali Mela - Sparkles and Farewell party to the final year students. These events enhance the leadership and decision making abilities in students helping them imbibe skills like event management, negotiation and synergy.

The Students' Union organises several competitions for the overall growth and development of the students such as : Poster Making , Painting , Debate , Article writing and several other competitions on various awareness campaigns, National and International Commemorative Days like, Swachhata Pakhwada, Nasha Mukti Abhiyan , International Yoga Day, Independence Day, World Environment Day, National Voters Day, Vigilance Week, International Women's Day and more.

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