Research Facilities

Research Labs

Specific research laboratories, tailored to the needs of each discipline, are available within the college. The college's research facilities are purposefully crafted to support cutting-edge research across diverse disciplines. These well-appointed laboratories boast specialized equipment, empowering both researchers and faculty to delve deeply into investigations and push the boundaries of knowledge in their respective fields. These labs come furnished with instruments and amenities essential to their respective areas of study.

In tandem with their teaching responsibilities, our proficient faculty members actively engage students in a range of research activities and summer internship projects. They cultivate an eagerness and enthusiasm for research work, ensuring students' active participation and fostering a passion for scholarly exploration.

Journals And Magazines

S.No. Name Of The Journals/Periodicals Periodcity
1 Aajkal Monthly
2 Aha Jindagi Monthly
3 Anekant Quarterly
4 Biblio Bimonthly
5 Book Review Monthly
6 Business Today Fortnightly
7 Competition Success Review Monthly
8 Contribution To Indian Sociology Quarterly
9 Economic & Political Weekly Weekly
10 Economist Weekly
11 Electronics For You Monthly
12 Employment News Weekly
13 Frontline Fortnightly
14 Hans Monthly
15 Harvard Business Review Monthly
16 India Today{E} Monthly
17 India Today{H} Monthly
18 Indian Economic & Social History Review Quarterly
19 Indian Journal Of Experimental Biology Monthly
20 Indian Journal Of Finance Monthly
21 Indian Journal Of Gender Studies Quarterly
22 Indian Journal Of Marketing Monthly
23 Indian Journal Of Physics Monthly
24 Indian Journal Of Public Administration Quarterly
25 Indian Journal Of Pure & Applied Physics Monthly
26 Indian Journals Of Chemistry Monthly
27 Indian Literature Bi-Monthly
28 Indian Library Association Quarterly
29 Indian Historical Review Biannual
30 Journal Of Library And Information Communication Technology Biannual
31 Library Herald Quarterly
32 Medicinal & Aromatic Plants Abstract Bi-Monthly
33 National Geographic Monthly
34 Natrang Quarterly
35 Navneet Monthly
36 Outlook{E} Weekly
37 Outlook{H} Monthly
38 Pratiyogita Darpan (H) Monthly
39 Pratiyogita Darpan (E) Monthly
40 Physiology And Molecular Biology Of Plant Botany Bimonthly
41 Reader’s Digest Monthly
42 Sakhi Monthly
43 Samkaleen Bharatiya Sahitya Bi-Monthly
44 Sarita Fortnightly
45 Scientific American India Monthly
46 Seminar Monthly
47 Social Scientist Monthly
48 Studies In History Biannual
49 The Medieval History Journal Quarterly
50 University News Weekly
51 Vanita Monthly
52 Vikalpa Quarterly
53 Yojana{E} Monthly
54 Delnet- Developing Library Network Annual Subscription
55 N-List Inflibnet Annual Subscription