About SOL

SOL (School of Open Learning) is a constituent unit of the University of Delhi. The institution provides avenue for distance education in India. The admission and examinations are conducted as per the norms established by the University of Delhi. The School offers Undergraduate/ Postgraduate Degree courses in the subjects of Arts/Humanities and Commerce. The course-material is distributed by email to all the enrolled students. Besides, the School also conducts Personal Contact Program (PCP) for the benefit of students at various study centers run by the School. Maitreyi College is one such study center.

As a prominent constituent of the University of Delhi, Maitreyi College, has played a vital role in extending educational opportunities to a wider audience. Maitreyi College became PCP Centre for School of Open Learning (SOL), University of Delhi for B.A. Programme First Year girl students with effect from the academic session 2023-24. By accepting SOL PCP Centre, Maitreyi College has become an active partner in the Delhi University’s endeavor to impart quality education to students who are not able to study in regular college due to their circumstances or out of their choice and yet get the prestigious degree of Delhi University. This collaborative effort between the college and SOL serves to maximize the utilization of available space to reach as many students as possible, thereby contributing to the noble initiative of the University of Delhi to extend higher education opportunities to those who are unable to pursue regular full-time studies. This initiative aligns with the university's commitment to accessible and inclusive education.

At Maitreyi College, contact classes are held for 10 days as per the schedule and time-table sent by SOL. In these classes DSE (Discipline Specific Elective) I, II, III and GE (Generic Elective) papers are taught. Experienced guest faculty registered with SOL and selected by the coordinator at the center guide the students. Maitreyi College provides a conducive learning environment with around 15 rooms, each accommodating 80-100 students, in alignment with SOL's timetables. Four classes of one hour each are held between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. As per the routine set by SOL, students are required to sign at the college gate. Attendance in each class is recorded and all the details of the functioning are reported to the SOL administration on the same day. The college provides various facilities like well-maintained washrooms, access to clean drinking water, a vibrant canteen serving hygienically prepared food, ample furniture, reliable electricity, notice boards, and internet access with Wi-Fi connectivity to the students.

For more information, please visit SOL (DU) website .