Radha Sairam Chemical Society


The Radha Sairam Chemical Society was established in the year 1992. It  comprises of President (III year), Vice President (II year), Treasurer (II year) 2 Secretaries (from I year).  The teacher in charge along with the faculty of the Department supervises the members of the Radha Sairam Chemical Society for the smooth conduct of all activities  throughout the year.

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  • Vision

    The Radha Sairam Chemical Society organizes various activities every year such as Rafia Memorial Lecture, Chemsophy, Educational Trips and various other competitions- curricular and extracurricular activities throughout year.

    Society Activities

    1. CHEMSOPHY, The Annual Departmental Fest: The annual inter-college fest is organized between the months of February to March.
    2. RAFIA MEMORIAL LECTURE: The Rafia Memorial lecture is organized every year in the fond memory of the Late Dr. Rafia Rizvi.
    3. OTHER ACTIVITIES: In addition to the events mentioned earlier, the members of the Chemistry Council actively strategize and orchestrate webinars, lectures, career counseling sessions, and competitions at the college level. Throughout each event, the Council members diligently manage tasks such as promoting the event, ensuring the smooth execution of responsibilities, capturing geotagged photos, analyzing student feedback, and preparing comprehensive event reports.