Programme/Courses Offered

B.Sc. (Honors) Chemistry

B.Sc. Programme Courses

1. B.Sc. Life Science

2. B.Sc. Physical Science with Chemistry

3. B.Sc. Computer Science with Chemistry 

Discipline Specific Core (DSC) Papers

These papers offered for programme courses

1. Chemistry-I: Basic Concepts of Organic Chemistry

2. Chemistry-II: Chemical Bonding and Elements in Biological System

3. Chemistry-III: Chemical Energetics and Equilibria

4. Chemistry-IV: Chemistry of Carboxylic acids & derivatives, Amines and Heterocycles

5. Chemistry-V: Coordination Chemistry And its Application in Biological Systems

6. Chemistry-VI: Conductance, Electrochemistry and Chemical Kinetics

Discipline Specific Elective (DSE) Papers

1. Polynuclear Hydrocarbons, Pharmaceutical Compounds, UV- Visible & IR Spectroscopy

2. Computer Applications in Chemistry

Skill Enhancement Course (SEC) Papers

  1. Chemistry of Cosmetics and Toiletries
  2. Essential Food Nutrients
  3. Chemical Aspects of Forensic Science
  4. Food Flavors and Colourants
  5. Green Methods in Chemistry
  6. Healthy and sustainable food choices

Generic Elective (GE) Papers

  1. Medicines in Daily Life
  2. Chemistry of Food Nutrients

Value Added Courses (VAC) Papers

  1. Ayurveda and Nutrition
  2. Science and Society
  3. Fit India