Curriculum Delivery


  • The Department regards effective delivery of curriculum as the most vital curricular aspect.
  • It  follows the curriculum prescribed by the University and faculty members have actively contributed to the curriculum development.  
  • The Department ensures effective curriculum delivery through systematic and strategic transparent mechanism:
  1. It follows the Academic calendar issued by the University.
  2. The department prepares timetable and subject allocation as per the University rules.  
  3. The internal assessment done by the department is as per the University rules.
  4. For smooth functioning and growth of the department, the department conducts meetings regularly with the faculty members and also with the student class representatives (one for each class elected fairly) and the council members.
  5. The minutes of all meetings are recorded and written down in proper format and is signed by all the members (faculty/students) present.
  6. Innovative methods of curriculum delivery and evaluation  such as case studies, group projects, presentations, oral testing, quizzes, group discussions, educational excursions, documentary screening etc. are incorporated.
  7. Use of ICT tools like Google Classroom, Google Meet, E-books and other academic resources available online are used for enhanced interaction.