Programme/Courses Offered

Programmes Offered

The department offers Bachelor of Arts, Sociology, Honours and Bachelor of Arts, Sociology Programme.

Courses Offered

B.A. Honours (LOCF) Papers

          B.A. (H) V SEM (LOCF)

  • DSC- Sociological Thinkers I
  • DSC- Sociological Research Methods I
  • DSE- Urban Sociology
  • DSE- Agrarian Sociology
  • DSE- Environmental Sociology
  • DSE- Sociology of Work

          B.A. (H) VI SEM (LOCF)

  • DSC- Sociological Thinkers II
  • DSC- Sociological Research Methods- II
  • DSE- Sociology of Health and Medicine
  • DSE- Indian Sociological Traditions
  • DSE- Visual Culture
  • DSE- Reading Ethnographies

B.A. Programme (LOCF) Papers

          B.A. (P) V SEM (LOCF)

  • DSE- Religion and Society
  • DSE- Marriage, Family and Kinship
  • GE- Polity and Society in India
  • SEC- Society through the Visual

          B.A. (P) VI SEM (LOCF)

  • DSE- Social Stratification
  • DSE- Gender and Sexuality
  • GE- Economy and Society
  • SEC- Theory and Practice of Development

B.A. Honours (UGCF) Papers

          B.A. (H) I SEM (UGCF)

  • DSC- Introduction to Socilogy
  • DSC- Sociology of India
  • DSC- Introduction to Sociological Research
  • GE- Sociology and Everyday Life
  • GE- Family and Intimacy
  • GE- Understanding Indian Society
  • VAC- Social and Emotional Learning
  • SEC- Visual Comunication and Photography

          B.A. (H) II SEM (UGCF)

  • DSC- Sociological Perspectives
  • DSC- Social Stratification
  • DSC- Families and Intimacies
  • GE- Gender, Power and Violence
  • GE- Sociology of Intimate Life
  • GE- Invitation to Sociological Theory
  • VAC- Social and Emotional Learning

          B.A. (H) III SEM (UGCF)

  • DSC- Sociology of India II
  • DSC- Political Sociology
  • DSC- Sociology of Religion
  • DSE- Urban Sociology
  • DSE- Sociology of Work
  • DSE- Sociology of Health and Medicine
  • GE- Social Inequalities
  • GE-Cities and Society
  • GE-Sociology of Climate Change
  • VAC- Ethics and Culture

          B.A. (H) IV SEM (UGCF)

  • DSC- Sociological Thinkers-1
  • DSC- Economic Sociology
  • DSC- Sociology of Gender
  • DSE- Sociology of Education
  • DSE- Sociology of Social Movements
  • DSE- Sociology of Media
  • GE- Sociology of Public Health
  • GE- Sociology of Organisations
  • GE- Sociology of Fashion

          B.A. (H) V SEM (UGCF)

  • DSC- Sociological Thinkers- II
  • DSC- Sociological Research Methods
  • DSC- Understanding Ethnographies
  • DSE- Visual Culture
  • DSE- Sociology of the Body
  • DSE- Sociology and Social Policy
  • GE- Understanding Development
  • GE- Sociology of Disability
  • GE- Key Debates in Sociology

          B.A. (H) VI SEM (UGCF)

  • DSC- Sociological Thinkers- III
  • DSC- Sociology of Kinship
  • DSC- Environmental Sociology
  • DSE- Animals and Society
  • DSE- Sociology of Care
  • DSE- Research Methodology for Sociology
  • GE- Media, Culture and Society
  • GE- Sociology of Tourism
  • GE- Sociology of Ageing

B.A. Programme (UGCF) Papers

          B.A. (P) I SEM (UGCF)

  • DSC- An Invitation to Sociology (Major/Minor)
  • DSC- Family and Marriage (Major)

          B.A. (P) II SEM (UGCF)

  • DSC- Sociology of India (Major/Minor)
  • DSC- Religion and Society (Major)

          B.A. (P) III SEM (UGCF)

  • DSC- Classical Sociological Thinkers (Major/Minor)
  • DSC- Polity and Society (Major)

          B.A. (P) IV SEM (UGCF)

  • DSC- Post-Classical Sociological Thinkers (Major/Minor)
  • DSC- Economic Sociology (Major)

          B.A. (P) V SEM (UGCF)

  • DSC- Sociological Research -I (Major/Minor)
  • DSC- Investigating Inequalities (Major)

          B.A. (P) VI SEM (UGCF)

  • DSC- Sociological Research-II (Major/Minor)
  • DSC- Society and Environment (Major)