AEC, SEC & VAC Courses

Ability Enhancement course (AEC), Skill Enhancement Course (SEC) & Value Addition Course (VAC)

i) Ability Enhancement Course (AEC) are the courses based upon the content that leads to knowledge enhancement through various areas of study. They are Language and Literature and Environmental Science and Sustainable Development which will be mandatory for all disciplines.

The college shall be offering the following subjects/ papers as ability enhancement courses (AEC):

SEMESTER B.A.(P) B.A. (H) B.Com. (P) B.Com.(H) B.Sc. (P) B.Sc. (H)
I Language-1 Language-1 EVS-1 EVS-1 EVS-1 EVS-1
II EVS-1 EVS-1 Language-1 Language-1 Language-1 Language-1
III Language-2 Language-2 EVS-2 EVS-2 EVS-2 EVS-2
IV EVS-2 EVS-2 Language-2 Language-2 Language-2 Language-2

EVS-1: Environmental Science: Theory into Practice-I

EVS-2: Environmental Science: Theory into Practice-II

Out of the pool of languages, the in-house faculty of Maitreyi College shall be offering these four languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi and Sanskrit.

NOTE: This paper will be different from GE paper offered by the departments. GE and AEC languages chosen by the student can be different or similar to one another.

ii) Skill Enhancement Course (SEC) are skill-based courses in all disciplines and are aimed at providing hands-on training, competencies, proficiency and skills to students. SEC courses may be chosen from a pool of courses designed to provide skill-based instruction. Every discipline may provide skill based courses, some of which may be offered to students of its discipline while the rest can be open to students of all other disciplines.

Pool of SEC courses offered by the University

iii) Value Addition Course (VAC) courses are common pool of courses offered by different disciplines and aimed towards personality building; embedding ethical, cultural and constitutional values; promote critical thinking, Indian Knowledge Systems, scientific temperament, communication skills, creative writing, presentation skills, sports & physical education and teamwork which will help in all round development of students.

Pool of VAC courses offered by the University