Research and Pedagogy: Fostering Ethics, Critical thinking and Reflexivity

At Maitreyi, focus is on expanding curriculum-based pedagogy to a research-based one with the initiatives of the Center for Research (CFR). The primary objective is to create an environment for academic research and encourage critical thought among the undergraduates. The CFR not only provides research opportunities, funding, and infrastructure, it also offers training in research methodology, technical writing, soft skills and critical thinking. It enables interaction with eminent subject experts nationally and internationally.

A Staff Council committee, the ‘Advisory Committee for Professional Grooming’ (ACPG), an initiative of the IQAC further fortifies research environment; it facilitates and supplements initiatives of the CFR.

Key initiatives of the CFR include the annual Summer Internship Programme (SIP) and an Annual Research Programme (ARP). Students, under the guidance of the faculty, carry out two-month projects in the College. The SIP is conducted around a theme of contemporary relevance, bringing about multidisciplinary engagement with relevant questions. The SIP is an opportunity to conduct pilot projects in the College that can later be extended to annual research projects (ARP) under the CFR or with a funding from outside. Additionally, a one-year Student Apprenticeship Programme (SAP) trains selected students in event management skills, social media handling, proofreading, soft skills, among others.

The college has a multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed, biannual, and open access international e-journal titled Vantage: Journal of Thematic Analysis . It contributes to knowledge production through interdisciplinary dialogue around one theme. The CFR, under the aegis of the journal organizes an Annual International Conference, Equinox.

Students are also made aware of ethical research practices including plagiarism, intellectual property rights (IPR), and referencing. In addition to the in-house research journal, the college has various other publications such as magazines and newsletters.