Enabling Unit

The Enabling Unit adopts a comprehensive approach to facilitate the seamless integration of differently-abled students into the college's extracurricular and academic activities. It provides visually-impaired students with computers and notebooks equipped with the latest assistive technologies, such as NVDA, OCR, and JAWS, to support their academic endeavors. The Enabling Unit is furnished with three printers, three computers, and three notebooks. Notably, the unit recently acquired the state-of-the-art Kibo XS Device, designed to scan hardcopy printed and handwritten documents, convert them into audible content, and aid print-disabled individuals. Additionally, a book bank has been established to serve this purpose. These facilities are extensively utilized by candidates with disabilities for internet access and printing. Furthermore, a "Writer and Reader Bank" has been set up to fulfill the fundamental needs of reading and writing, and this resource is also extended to other educational institutions.