The Department of Computer Science holds a collaborations with the “ICT Academy '', Information Technology and Digital Services, Government of Tamilnadu. This association is hereby benefitting the faculty members and students of Maitreyi College through various initiatives of the Academy, which include Faculty Development Programs, Training Programs, Skill Development Initiatives, Research, Industry-Institute Interaction, Nurturing Innovation, etc. 

To improve the academic environment in Maitreyi College by promoting collaboration and formal international linkages, the Department of Computer Science recently collaborated with Prof. Huiru Jane Zheng, Theme Leader of Data Analytics and Systems in AI Research Centre at Ulster University, United Kingdom. This collaboration desires to conduct certain academic programs to promote the development of joint research and training activities, and other educational exchanges of mutual interest. 

The Department of Computer Science also holds an MoU with Anything Will Do (AWDORG FOUNDATION) which is a non profit organization working on free education for underprivileged children across the country. They are running 45 Project Educate Centers pan India where through their volunteers they are providing free basic computer courses,  counseling,  motivational classes and masterclasses on various subjects. They run 2 kinds of centers, 1st where they have Project Educate Centers in schools where they set up a computer lab and provide masterclasses from mentors all over the world to motivate children, counsel them and help them with subjects. 2nd type of centers where they run free Computer Courses, the classes are conducted by volunteers from colleges. AWDORG is currently seeking participation from Maitreyi college to volunteer at Chanakyapuri center situated in Chanakyapuri police station. The students of Maitreyi College volunteer under the AWDORG program.

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