The computer science department consists of qualified faculty members with extensive teaching experience. Faculty members hold postgraduate and undergraduate degrees from renowned institutions. Our dedicated faculty members give students an unparalleled education that takes them directly from the classroom into their careers. Faculty members have also been involved in quality research with publications in reputed journals and conferences. Our faculty members acted as resource persons for various events. Dr. Manju Bhardwaj served as a reviewer for the journal IEEE Access and ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems. Dr Veena Ghuriani is working on a project to calculate, analyze, and reduce the carbon footprint of Maitreyi College. Ms. Shikha Badhani has recently registered herself as a Ph.D. guide in the University of Delhi. Dr. Jyotsna Wassan has worked as a Marie Curie RISE researcher under the European Horizon Commission 2020 in Collaboration with Ulster University, United Kingdom where she pursued her doctoral studies. Ms. Rupali Ahuja has recently been certified in Big Data Analytics for Smart Grids. Dr. Shweta Sankhwar is an active researcher. The faculty members mentored students on interesting topics under the Summer Internship Programme of the college.