Vision & Mission


Our aim is to foster emerging leaders who go beyond conventional hierarchies and evolve into responsible members of society. We are committed to arming our students with the necessary knowledge, as well as ethical values to initiate positive societal transformations. Our department is dedicated to empowering our students with practical skills, ensuring their employability in the long run. Within our department, the emphasis is placed not only on academic knowledge but also on skill enhancement so that our students excel in the ever-evolving landscape of the professional world. Our continuous efforts in skill enhancement and value addition are geared towards ongoing professional development, promoting critical thinking, and nurturing academic excellence. Our vision extends to fostering departmental growth through our dedication to human development, inclusivity, and the continuous pursuit of lifelong learning.




The mission statement of the department of English underscores core values, principles and goals that it sets to achieve through curricular and co-curricular initiatives. 

The department aims at facilitating women’s empowerment and holistic development of the students. Through education that focuses on skill enhancement, it focuses on building competency in its students to make them industry-ready. As a department, we also endeavor to achieve inclusivity in the classrooms and the outer world by inculcating the habit of celebrating diversity in our students as well as our faculty members. Along with skill enhancement, we set our eyes on a value-centric education so that our students can become socially responsible citizens as well.