About Avgaahan

Avgaahan, a Sanskrit word that means to immerse oneself and investigate, captures the spirit of the interdisciplinary academic fest. Avgahaan, is organized by Maitreyi College every year in the month of February to March. It provided the students with an opportunity to engage in various disciplines and arts through a range of imaginative and innovative activities. This unique initiative with interdisciplinary orientation was met with a tremendous response from the students at the national and international level.

The logo of the academic fest depicts the two hemispheres of the human brain. The left side is responsible for logic, science, and mathematics, while the right side is the source of the creative and artistic energies. Together they symbolize the interdisciplinary essence of this enterprise that promotes and celebrates the fusion of the various knowledge systems that tend to exist in silos in the academic sphere.

Prior to its launch, departmental fests were conducted that provided a platform to students of respective disciplines without much scope for inter-discipline participation. Avgaahan, a student academic festival, is a unique endeavor to bridge the gap across disciplines using ‘Technology’ with participation from departments including linguistics, social sciences and sciences. Under the aegis of Avgaahan, extensive events are organized ranging from business plans, case studies, paper presentations, quizzes to coding, creative writing, photography and many more. Every academic event comprises two rounds - Preliminary and Final. The events are open to all National and International undergraduate students. The academic fest is planned strategically to embrace different time zones worldwide and to maximize student participation, the events are held online during evening and night hours as per IST.

This event is one of the many initiatives undertaken by the college towards an innovate and inclusive pedagogy that enhances the engagement of the students and teachers alike making it a more enriching and rewarding experience. Avgaahan has received an overwhelming response from the students which is a source of delight to us. The collaboration between the various departments was also instrumental in its professional and sound execution.


It aims to provide participants with the opportunity to immerse into and investigate various disciplines through innovative and intellectually stimulating activities. It is a unique attempt undertaken by all departments of Maitreyi College to bridge the distance between various disciplines using ‘technology’


Avgaahan fosters the spirit of inter disciplinarity among students as has been underlined in NEP.

Core committee members

  • Dr. Veena Ghuriani(Convenor)
  • Dr. Preeti Mendiratta
  • Dr. Sonal Babbar
  • Dr. Pooja Baweja

Every department nominates one/two faculty member for handling the events floated by the department during the preliminary and final rounds.