Avgaahan is the interdisciplinary academic fest being organised by Maitreyi College, University of Delhi, India in January – March, 2024. It aims to provide participants with the opportunity to immerse into and investigate various disciplines through innovative and intellectually stimulating activities. It is a unique attempt undertaken by all departments of Maitreyi College to bridge the distance between various disciplines using ‘technology’. This-first of its kind - academic fest provides students the right opportunity and platform to unleash their creative skills. It is open to all national and international undergraduate students which provide them a chance to win attractive cash prizes.

All events in “Avgaahan 2024” are being organised in online mode to maximize student outreach and encourage higher participation of students across the globe. The timeline for various events is:

Registrations: 25th January – 17th February, 2024
Preliminary Rounds: 22nd, 23rd, 24th February, 2024
Final Rounds: 28th February, 29th February, 1st March, 2024

Events to Register for

S. No. Preliminary Round (Online) * Preliminary Round opens on Final Round (Online)
1. Flora de Canva - Photography Competition 22-02-2024 Poster-mania of Plants - Poster Making
2. Chem Quiz 22-02-2024 Design Slide - Presentation Making
3. Innova’ 24 - Commerce Quiz 22-02-2024 Innova’ 24 - Commerce Quiz
4. Your Ratatouille - Video Making 22-02-2024 Sharing the Ratatouille Moment - Video Making
5. Visual Odyssey - Photo Essay Competition 22-02-2024 Visual Odyssey Finale -Photo Essay Competition
6. Gyan Shakti - Pol. Sc.Quiz 22-02-2024 Shastratha - Extempore/Debate
7. Heritage Harmony - Video Making 22-02-2024 Essay Writing
8. Math-e-logic - Maths Quiz 22-02-2024 Mathematics and Nature intertwine - Poster Making
9. परख - Hindi Quiz 23-02-2024 सृजन - Creative Writing in Hindi
10. TechWiz - IT Quiz 23-02-2024 Code-a-Thon
11. Slogan Writing in Punjab i 23-02-2024 Creative Writing in Punjabi
12. संस्कृतानुरञ्जन - Sanskrit Quiz 23-02-2024 संस्कृतानुरञ्जन - Sanskrit Quiz
13. Physics 101 - Physics Quiz 24-02-2024 Phyzard - Digital Art/Animation
14. ZooHunt - Zoology Quiz 24-02-2024 ZooHunt - Zoology Quiz
15. Econquizzer - Economics Quiz 24-02-2024 Devil’s Advocate - Debate

* For details click on the events in Preliminary Round

So, students, what are you waiting for? Register for Avgaahan 2024 and grab the exciting opportunity to showcase your skills and win attractive cash prizes.

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Wishing ‘Happy Contesting’ to all the participants.

Instructions for the participants

  • Avgaahan is open only to undergraduate students currently enrolled in different degree/ diploma courses.
  • Cross-College/ University teams are allowed.
  • A student can participate in any number of events. However, he/she cannot be a member of multiple teams in same event.
  • Registration is required for participation in any event.
  • For the team events, all the team members need to register.
  • Every event in the competition will consist of two rounds: Preliminary round and Final Round. Only the candidates who are selected in the preliminary round will participate in the final round.
  • Participants must mail scanned copy of their passport size photograph and valid identity cards, if they are selected for the final round.
  • Decision of Judges will be final and binding.
  • The results of the preliminary round will be uploaded on the website on 26-02-2024.
  • The results of the final rounds will be uploaded on the website on 05-03-2024.

For Queries Contact:

Shweta Yadav(President) - 8742006619
Jagriti Mehta (Vice-President) - 8468042438
Saloni Chauhan (General Secretary) -8383934793
Taniya Panwar (Treasurer) - 7895305467
Ayushi Singh (Sponsorship Head) - 7011572326
Shivangi Shahdeo (Promotion Head) - 8002863624