Gender Sensitization Policy

Maitreyi College, as a leading women's college, has always been cognizant of its responsibility to provide a safe and gender-sensitive space and environment to its students and stakeholders. We strive to empower our students by educating and grooming them in a gender-equal and sensitive ethos. The College provides an inclusive and gender-sensitive academic and cultural environment. As a well-reputed institution of higher education, we educate women students from different social, cultural and economic backgrounds and aim to make them self-aware and empowered. Inclusiveness and gender equity are among the important ideals our college upholds. Here at Maitreyi, we strive to provide equal opportunities to all our students including differently-abled and special-needs individuals. We create streamlined platforms and forums of opportunity for all interested students to pursue their goals and vision in and beyond the classroom.

Various events are organised in the College to promote gender equity and sensitisation among students. A host of seminars, workshops and lecture series organised by the different departments of the College articulate the premise of gender equity and sensitisation. A lecture series titled, ‘Kradan aur Kranti - The Voice of the Silenced’; a seminar on the theme, ‘Women Safety and Empowerment’; and a workshop on 'Empowering Women through Entrepreneurship’ are a few representative examples. The Department of Sociology organised an academic fest on the theme ‘Women and Desire: Celebrating Female Sexuality’ to celebrate the spirit of womanhood. Various projects on topics like 'Parenting as a Cause of Gender Discrimination’, and ‘Back Inside the Lakshman Rekha: Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown on Working Women’ have been undertaken by students under the aegis of the Centre for Research, Maitreyi College. Screening of thought-provoking and gender-sensitive movies like ‘The Color Purple’, ‘Khujli’, ‘Devi’, and ‘Hellaro’ has been organised by various departments. Moreover, the screening of a Chhattisgarh movie ‘Gaanje ke Phool’ provided our students with a platform to interact with Dr Yogendra Chaube, the director of the movie. These activities enable our students to develop a sensitive approach toward the issue of gender equity, and also provide them with an opportunity to construct and voice their opinions regarding the same. Gender-sensitive awareness is also articulated and disseminated through multiple publications of the College. Neeti is another student-run magazine of the Economics Department which encourages articles on gender equity and women's struggles and success stories. Our annual college magazine Maitreyi and various other newsletters like Sociologue, Dialectic etc. also include gender relevant articles and opinion pieces.