Other Facilities

Banking Facilities

Maitreyi College has an extension branch of the Punjab National Bank which is located within the college premises. It serves the banking needs of the students and the present and retired faculty members. It also manages the transactions of the college’s accounts. The banking facilities include account creation, deposit, withdrawal, PPF account, FD account, cheque facility, loans, mutual funds, insurance products, etc. It is very convenient for the members, especially the students, to get their banking needs fulfilled. The bank staff is always polite and courteous in helping the members out with any query.

Book Cum Stationery Shop

The book cum stationery shop is a valuable resource that caters to the diverse reading needs of students, faculty, and staff members. Located within the campus, the book shop offers a wide selection of books, stationery items, and other educational materials, at subsidised prices thus providing a convenient and accessible avenue for students to fulfil their academic and personal reading requirements.

Parking Facilities

The college possesses a large parking area that can accommodate vehicles belonging to both teaching and non-teaching staff. Two-wheeler and four-wheeler parking spaces are designated separately. Additionally, CCTV cameras are installed in the parking vicinity to ensure a secure and stress-free experience.

Public Address System

The college has a robust public address system as an essential component of its infrastructure, aiming to establish effective communication channels with the college community and facilitate the smooth execution of various events and activities. One of the primary objectives of this system is to promptly disseminate important notifications and updates to the entire college community at once. By utilizing the PA system, it is possible to reach a large number of individuals simultaneously, ensuring that crucial information reaches the intended audience promptly.

In the event of a crisis or an emergency situation, the PA system can be used to transmit important instructions, protocols, and safety precautions to ensure the well-being of everyone on campus. This feature is crucial for maintaining a secure and prepared environment for students, staff, and visitors.

RO Water Cooler

The college offers various facilities to ensure comfort to the students and the faculty. One such facility is the availability of RO Water Coolers. The RO Water Coolers, strategically placed throughout the campus, provide easy access to clean drinking water. The in-house RO Plant makes available cool and clean drinking water. Additionally, a five horsepower pump, and an underground water tank (one lakh liter capacity) contribute to the overall water sufficiency in college.

Xerox Facilities

The college provides a well-equipped Xerox utility centre on campus. This facility offers convenient access to fast and easy photocopying services, ensuring that students, faculty, staff and researchers can easily reproduce their required documents efficiently.

The xerox facility at college provides its services at subsidised rates thus making it easier for students from diverse backgrounds to avail themselves of photocopying services.