Sports hold a significant place in the vibrant culture of the College. The college recognizes the importance of physical fitness and overall well-being, and thus provides ample opportunities for students to engage in a wide range of sports activities.

Sports Infrastructure

The college possesses an expansive sports field, overseen by the Department of Physical Education. A range of sports facilities, and infrastructure are made available. These include amenities for indoor as well as outdoor sports.

Outdoor Sports: The campus features a variety of outdoor sports facilities including a badminton court, a synthetic basketball court, a football field, a baseball and softball field, a netball court, and a 200-meter athletic grass track.

Indoor Sports: A multipurpose hall serves as an indoor sports hub accommodating activities such as Judo, Yoga, Powerlifting, and Chess. This spacious and well-ventilated hall is equipped with a synthetic mat suitable for Judo and Wrestling.

Furthermore, the college also provides specialised coaching for sports. The college has dedicated coaches who offer guidance and training to students. Students use top notch sports gear and equipment. Practice sessions begin in the morning, allowing students to effectively manage both academics and extracurricular pursuits.

A generously sized bamboo room functions as a storage area for all sports equipment. This space also serves as a personal storage spot for students to avoid carrying equipment on a daily basis. Tournaments conducted on the college grounds provide students with valuable practical experience, enhancing their skills and preparing them for larger competitive platforms.

The sports committee of the college assists the Department of Physical Education in the procurement and upkeep of sports equipment. This committee conducts yearly assessments to scrutinize the condition of the equipment, identifying signs of wear and tear, and subsequently compiling a roster of items that need replacement or acquisition.

and samvaad and give the students an outlet for self-expression. It is also used by various cultural societies to hold practice sessions and assemblies.

Accessible Sports Facilities for Differently-Abled Individuals

The college's sports grounds and related facilities are designed with accessibility in mind, thus catering to differently-abled students. These facilities extend not only to students with disabilities but also to wheelchair-bound international basketball players.

The entire college premises are designed to be easily navigable by those with disabilities, ensuring easy access to the sports facilities.