College Magazine

Maitreyi is the annual e-magazine of the college. The first issue of the magazine came in the year 2020. It obtained an ISBN (978-81-952826-1-6) in 2021 as it met its stringent standards. Four issues have been released to date. Contributions from the students and faculty are invited during the first few months of the session and the magazine is usually released on the annual day of the college. The magazine is multidisciplinary in nature and aims to endorse articles from all fields. It provides fresh insights into new academics and covers a range of disciplines like Botany, Commerce, Computer Science, Environmental, Humanities, Linguistics, Literature, Scientific, Technology, etc. Moreover, the magazine is multilingual and engages readers from Sanskrit, Hindi, Punjabi, and English. The students handle all aspects of the project from its conception to completion, including writing, layout, cover design, and distribution, supporting the firm belief of Maitreyi College “for the student, by the student”. The students, under the mentorship of faculty members, serve on its editorial board as well. The issues include articles, poems, short stories, perspectives, and artwork. The articles are published free of cost. The magazine strictly follows the plagiarism rules of UGC to publish articles.