Hostel Fees

Hostel Fees


1. Admission Fee 1,000
2. Hostel Security (Refundable) 5,000
3. Development Fund 6,000
4. Electricity Charges 12,000
5. Water Charges 6,000
6. Hostel Operational Charges 50,000
7. Furniture & Fixtures 2,500
8. Pantry Equipment 1,500
9. Equipment Installation and Maintenance 12,000
10. Office operational Charges 1,600
11. Garden Fee 500
12. Medical Fee 1,000
13. Health Centre Card 500
14. Identity Card and Permission Slip 200
15. Hostel Union Subscription 500
16. Recreational Fee 1,500
17. Students Activities Fees 4,200
18. Mess Charges (1st Semester) 37,000
19. Mess Charges (2nd Semester) 37,000
TOTAL FEE : 1,80,000
  • Hostel security will be refundable only after the room has been vacated and all other dues and damages have been paid for.
  • Hostel security must be claimed within one year in which the students leave the hostel, otherwise the same will lapse to the hostel account.
  • Fee is payable directly in the College Hostel Bank Account after obtaining fee slip from the College Hostel.
  • Admission fee is non-refundable.
  • Hostel fee charges are subject to revision from time to time.
  • In case a student after being admitted wants to get her admission canceled within one month, she will be entitled to refund of fees as per University/College rules.

Fee Payment

Account Details

Name of the Bank Punjab National Bank
IFSC Code PUNB0615000
Bank Account Number 6150000100006982
Name of Account Holder Maitreyi College Girls Hostel
Branch Name Maitreyi College
Bank Address Bapudham, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi-110021
MICR Code 110024488