Rules and Regulations

General Rules

  • Since it is a privilege to get admission to the MAITREYI COLLEGE hostel, residents are expected to maintain excellence in academics. Further, they are expected to attend all lectures, tutorials, tests and seminars. Shortage in attendance, poor academic performance and lack of participation in co-curricular and extracurricular activities will be viewed seriously.
  • It is mandatory for students to maintain the minimum required attendance (75%); failing which, admission to the hostel in the subsequent semesters will be denied. Attendance in all assessment related tasks is compulsory.
  • Staying away from the hostel without prior intimation or approval, valid reason or authorization is a serious breach of Hostel Discipline. Residents who stay away for a month or more without permission will be liable to lose the Hostel seat and may not be considered for admission in the hostel even in the following year(s).
  • Students are expected to appreciate the time and money spent in the maintenance of the lawns and garden. Misuse of the lawns such as causing damage to plants and trees and littering will invite disciplinary action.
  • Residents must maintain proper decorum in the hostel. They should behave properly with the staff and their fellow residents. Residents are expected to dress in an appropriate manner while visiting the dining hall, visitors' room and other common spaces in the hostel or college.
  • Severe disciplinary action will be taken against students who break rules or abet other students in breaking the rules in or undermining the discipline of the hostel.
  • Defacing walls, doors, corridors and cupboards by writing, painting or pasting posters, notes etc. with glue/tape/nails etc. is not allowed. Any violation, whatever the extent, will lead to severe disciplinary action and fine of Rs.5000/- on each occasion.
  • Residents are advised not to bring jewelry/valuables or keep large sums of money in their rooms. The hostel authorities will not be responsible for any loss.
  • No resident can engage any person for service of any kind.
  • Residents must be present on the first and last day of every term.
  • Entry in the hostel post-liquor consumption is strictly prohibited. Violation of the rule shall lead to immediate expulsion or/and fine of Rs.5,000/-.
  • As a zero tolerance policy. Smoking, consuming liquor and drugs are strictly prohibited. The boarders are not allowed to gamble, to consume intoxicants (narcotics, alcoholic beverages, smoking etc.), nor are they allowed to have possession of them in the hostel premises and violation of this rule shall lead to immediate expulsion or/and fine of 10,000/-.
  • Hostel out time will be 6.00 AM and in time will be 7.00 PM post which Roll call will be taken daily and all residents should be present unless prior leave has been taken. Residents must not leave the hostel after the roll call. Violation of this rule could lead to expulsion.
  • The permission of the principal/warden must be obtained for taking part in any cultural/sports events outside college, resident students are not allowed to take any type of work or course without specific prior permission of the warden.
  • Every resident should report back in the hostel before hostel timings, as notified by the hostel authority. While going out of campus, proper entries have to be made in OUT-CAMPUS register.
  • Residents going out of the hostel but within the campus like classes, computer labs and library after the specified hostel times have to make proper entries in IN-CAMPUS register. after seeking permission from the Warden. The entries should be made with proper details including the contact number of the lab/department.
  • The students must vacate the hostel within two days of the last day of the semester examination
  • Performance of residents admitted on the basis of sports will be monitored periodically. They are liable to lose their hostel seat if their performance is not satisfactory.
  • Hostel security guards posted at the gates of the Hostel have the right to ask for the identity proof of visitors, guests and residents of the Hostel. Security guards have moreover the right to search bags and belongings being taken in or out of the Hostel by residents, staff, guests and all other visitors, or to refuse entry to visitors and guests. Any intimidation of the guards shall be treated as a serious offense.
  • If a student gets married while living in the hostel and that student becomes pregnant, then the said student will have to leave the hostel seat with immediate effect.

Leave Rules

Residents may avail of the following types of leave

  • Late Night Leave- This leave can be availed two times in a month*
  • Home Leave This leave can be availed during weekends/ Vacations/Breaks/illness/ any other emergent reason.

*Two late night leaves can be availed for personal purpose and two for attending any work of College's registered society provided due permission from the concerned teacher-in charge is taken.

  • All types of leaves sought for weekdays have to be applied for at least 24 hours in advance, leave for weekends (Sat - Sun) must be applied on Friday (hostel office timings) in prescribed Proforma. Residents can proceed on leave only after ensuring that leave is duly sanctioned by the Warden. Prior letter of request is to be furnished from LG/Parent in case of Late Night Leave/Home leave/leave for Special purposes /University vacations.
  • Residents are required to sign in the appropriate register (LG leave/Home leave) before proceeding on any kind of leave and on their return. Any resident found leaving or entering the hostel without signing the register is liable for disciplinary action.
  • Each student will be issued a leave booklet for sanction of all kinds of leave. A sum of Rs.100/- will be charged for the loss of the leave booklet.
  • Every leave applied for and sanctioned has to be entered in the leave booklet signed by Parent / LG and counter signed by the Warden.
  • Resident students found forging signatures of parents/LG/fellow students will be expelled from the hostel.

Rules for Rooms

  • Each resident is responsible for the care of the room allotted to her and the furniture provided to her. No furniture can be removed from the room and moved without prior permission of the warden. Residents will have to pay damages for any loss caused to the hostel and a fine of Rs.5000/-.
  • The hostel office, in consultation with the warden, allocates the rooms. Residents are required to bring their own mattress, water buckets, jug, mug, plate, thermos flask, torch light, hot water bottle, thermometer, lock and key, and duster. These items will not be provided by the hostel.
  • Rooms are subject to be checked by warden/discipline in-charge at any time.
  • Residents are expected to maintain silence in the room and the corridors. After 10:00 PM, every student is expected to be in her room and maintain silence.
  • Students are expected to keep their rooms, bathroom and surroundings clean and tidy. Sticking any posters, bills on the walls is strictly prohibited and violation of this rule shall invite a fine of Rs. 5000/- and strict action against the resident.
  • Battery operated transistors, music systems (low watts) may be played at a low volume but as a rule student shall not do anything which causes disturbance to other students.
  • Lights and fans should be switched off when leaving the rooms.
  • Rooms duly allotted to a resident cannot be changed without prior approval of the warden. Any unauthorized change in the room may invite a fine of Rs. 1000/-. Residents must handover to the warden all the furniture and equipment of their rooms before vacating their rooms and obtain a clearance certificate from the warden.
  • No luggage should be left in the room or the hostel premises at the year end.

Visitors and Guests

  • Residents are allowed to meet their visitors only in the visitors hall. Only those visitors who have been approved by the parents and whose names and address are registered with the hostel office, at the time of admission/readmission will be allowed to meet the resident. No visitors (including girl day scholars) are allowed to enter the hostel except with the warden's permission.
  • Residents may receive visitors between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm on all days and additionally between 11.00 am and 1.00 pm on Sundays and holidays.
  • Visitors must sign the visitor's book on their arrival in the hostel and fill in the necessary details.
  • Women, guests (mother and sister of the resident only) are permitted to stay in the hostel with prior permission of the warden for a maximum period of 2 days only. All guests are required to follow the rules of the hostel.
  • The principal/warden reserves the right to refuse admission or to terminate the stay of any guest in the hostel.