Programme/Courses Offered

B.Sc. (Hons.) Botany (Discipline Specific Core Papers)

  1. Plant Diversity and Evolution (Semester I)
  2. Cell Biology:Organelles and Biomolecules (Semester I)
  3. Basic Laboratory and Field Skills in Plant Biology (Semester I)
  4. Microbiology and Plant-Microbe Interactions (Semester II)
  5. Plant Resources and Economic Botany (Semester II)
  6. Plant Systematics (Semester  II)
  7. Phycology - The World of Algae (Semester III)
  8. Bryophytes, Pteridophytes and Gymnosperms (Semester III)
  9. Genetics and Plant Breeding (Semester III)
  10. Mycology  (Semester IV)
  11. Ecology and Conservation (Semester IV)
  12. Developmental Biology of Angiosperms: Form, Anatomy & Function (Semester IV)

B.Sc. Life Sciences (Discipline Specific Core Papers)

  1. Biodiversity and Plant Systematics (Semester I)
  2. Genetics and Molecular Biology (Semester II)
  3. Plant Cell and Developmental Biology (Semester III)
  4.  Ecology and Evolution (Semester IV)

Skill Enhancement Courses (SECs)

  1. Bioferilizers
  2. Sustainable Ecotourism and Entrepreneurship
  3. Mushroom Culture and Technology-I
  4. Green Belt Development for Smart Cities
  5. Mushroom Culture and Technology – II
  6. Plant Tissue Culture

Value Addition Courses (VACs)

  1. Ayurveda and Nutrition
  2. Art of Being Happy

Generic Elective (GEs)

  1. Biofertilizers (SEMESTER I)
  2. Intelligent Systems in Plants (SEMESTER II)
  3. Plant Biotechnology (SEMESTER III)
  4. Environmental Monitoring and Ecosystem Restoration (SEMESTER IV)

Discipline Specific Electives (DSEs)

  1. Evolutionary Biology of Plants (SEMESTER III)
  2. Biostatistics and Bioinformatics for Plant Sciences (SEMESTER III)
  3. Applied Phycology (SEMESTER IV)
  4. Industrial and Environmental Microbiology (SEMESTER IV)