The department has three well equipped laboratories, a tissue culture room, a museum, a mushroom cultivation unit, a botanical garden that enables experiential learning. The laboratories are well equipped with a wide range of instruments to facilitate smooth conduct of practical classes of B.Sc.(H) and B.Sc Life Science students. Some of the instruments are-
Thermocycler (PCR Machine)

• Refrigerated Centrifuge

• BOD Incubator

• Electro-blot Assembly

• Trans illuminator

• Laminar Flow Cabinet

• Gel Electrophoresis Units (Horizontal and Vertical)


• Spectrophotometer

• Microscope Image Projection System (MIPS)

• Orbital Shaker-cum-Incubator

• Microtome

• pH Meters

• Weighing Balances

• Microscopes, etc.