Auditoriums and Halls

Lecture Halls

The college has 5 spacious and ICT-enabled lecture halls that are located in the main building. Equipped with a projector, speaker, mics, and whiteboard, they have a seating capacity of XYZ and are ideal for conducting classes, presentations, and debates. Ventilated and well-lit with natural light, these halls have aisles in the form of graduating stairs and tired-seating so that visibility is never a concern. It creates a space for interactive learning and discussion and facilitates focus and class participation.

NSB Seminar Hall

The Seminar Hall, located in the New Science Block, has a modern design that can accommodate 220 people. The spacious hall is fully air-conditioned and ICT enabled with a speaker system with mics. It is extensively used for academic and extracurricular events. It has hosted lectures, conferences, workshops, academic seminars, film screenings, inter-college events and competitions.

New Auditorium

Maitreyi College has a multi-purpose auditorium, called the New Auditorium, located in the main building with a seating capacity of 300. It is ICT enabled with an elevated stage, sound and lighting facility, and an attached washroom. It is used to host a wide array of activities like lectures, play performances, Freshers’, Farewell, inter-college competitions, film-screenings, etc. It is also used by the cultural societies to hold practice sessions and meetings.

Open Amphitheatre

The Amphitheatre, located in the heart of the college, is a vibrant space for cultural fests, events, discussions, and debates. It is an open space and accessible space that stimulates an environment of creativity and intellect among the students. The critical discursive engagements, outside the ambit of the traditional classroom, lead to both vivaad and samvaad and give the students an outlet for self-expression. It is also used by various cultural societies to hold practice sessions and assemblies.

Video Conferencing Room

The Video-Conferencing Room, adjacent to the library, is located in the main building and has a seating capacity of 120. Classically designed and well-furnished, it is an air-conditioned space with multi-media facilities. The advanced audio system, projector, and elevated stage make it an ideal space to host a range of academic and cultural events like lectures, workshops, film screenings, presentations, meetings, theatrical and musical performances. The college has a state of the art in-house ICT infrastructure for organizing webinars, e-workshops and training sessions.