Maiteryi strives to create a peaceful and natural ambience for its students and staff. Within the college, the landscaping of the green cover has been done in the context of the terrain that includes rocky as well as plain grassy lawns. Every patch of land available has been converted into green areas.

The garden has the following main areas:

  • Front main lawn
  • Rose garden
  • Pahari area
  • Principal’s bungalow
  • Botany Garden
  • Sports field
  • Open auditorium
  • Lawn in front of the office

The campus has a rich collection of trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants that afford a green and aesthetic ambience to the college premises. The number of trees on campus is 296. Several varieties of fruit, ornamental trees and shrubs have been planted throughout the campus. Annuals are also grown according to the season. Additionally, the Botany Department has a botanical garden with syllabus-oriented vegetation of both annuals and perennials. A herbal garden has recently been initiated in the college, which is aimed to act as a repository of medicinal plants. The campus boasts a stunning rose garden , showcasing a diverse collection of roses that enhance its beauty. The rock garden at the college is a beautiful highlight. It boasts captivating aesthetic features crafted from rocks and pebbles. It has won the ‘Delhi College Cup’ for the Best Rock Garden.

Our green campus has a flora of all hues and results from the hard work of the college gardeners who work as a united team round the clock to achieve praise-worthy results. They are assisted by faculty from different college departments as part of the Garden Committee.

Maitreyi’s green campus commitment: Ecological sustainability through its academic programs, campus life, and physical operation.

Best Practices

  • Maintenance of extensive open areas in an eco-friendly and aesthetic manner.
  • Raising seedlings and saplings by the malis in the college in-house, thus reducing the cost.
  • Observing a strict ban on burning leaves and twigs to reduce pollution.
  • The use of natural manure, eco-friendly pesticides and minimal use of fertilizers is preferred over chemical ones.
  • Fallen leaves and dry plants on the campus are collected in the composting pits in the garden to convert them into manure. More than 90% of the manure used in the college is generated in-house by composting.
  • Vermicomposting Unit: Recycling organic wastes.
  • Labelling of plants.
  • Plantation drives.

Awards and Recognitions

Maitreyi College has been the proud recipient of many awards at Annual Flower Show organized by the University. Amongst many awards, the College has won the following awards of recognition:

  • ‘Delhi College Cup’ for Best Rock Garden (2023)
  • ‘The Department of Persian Cup’ for the best garden of a college (2022, 2018)
  • The Green Cup for the best greenery and cleanliness of the environment of a college (2016)
  • Deshbandhu Cup for the best lawn among the Institutes and Colleges (2018, 2016, 2011)
  • ‘Dr. A.C. Janaki Amma Cup’ for the best border of mixed flowers (2023, 2023, 2011)
  • The University Library Cup: For the best double Dahlia exhibit (2012)
  • Several prizes in the cut-flower categories.