Vista, The Photography Society


Vista -The Photography Society of Maitreyi College, was fabricated in the session 2014-2015 with the objective of recognising and improving the photography skills of the students and since then, it has achieved a plethora of milestones and thrived with recognition in the photography circuit of Delhi University. 

Vista provides leeway to its members, to practise, learn and improve their photography skills. It also helps the keen members to expand their network and provides them exposure by showcasing their work on numerous platforms- online and offline. 

Vista and its members welcome feedback and critique and provide assistance and support to each other which showcases our inclusive community, strong teamwork and connects us within the society despite us all having individualistic approach and vision towards this magnificent art form


1. To provide comprehensive photography education and skill development opportunities to the students. 

2. To build a vibrant and inclusive community of photography enthusiasts within the college. 

3. To promote cultural exchange and social awareness through photography and its sub assets like photo stories, visual storytelling and more. 

5. To facilitate the professional growth of our members. 

6. Inter College vision : Share the Work and Word- We hope to have our own platforms across as many platforms of social media as possible and become acquainted with fellow renowned- professional photographers for our common development.


1. To equip our members with technical knowledge, artistic vision, and the ability to effectively communicate through visual storytelling. 

2. To foster connections, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing among members, creating a supportive network that nurtures creativity and encourages growth. 

3. To provide practical opportunities for students to apply their photography skills, such as organizing photo walks, exhibitions, and photojournalism assignments, thereby bridging the gap between theory and practice. 

4.To organize events, projects, and campaigns and exhibitions that highlight diverse perspectives, address social issues, and create positive change in our college community and beyond. 

5. To provide resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities that help students transition from college to the professional photography world, whether as freelancers, artists, or industry professionals. 


Vista plans to create and plan projects with other colleges for a common skill enhancement and network development.

Society Activities

Vista, the photography society of Maitreyi College holds a few annual events currently. Our exhibitions are a means to display our members' hard work throughout the year. 

  • Vista, the Photography Society of Maitreyi College organizes monthly themes, where members are encouraged to capture photographs based on a particular theme.
  • Imraah, our women’s day exhibition is held each year. 
  • Lamhe, our biggest exhibition, is held during Rhapsody, the college’s annual fest. During Rhapsody, Vista also holds competitions annually, Shutter Stories (a photo story competition) and Memoir (an on-the-spot photography competition).
  •  Other competitions held by us include Liberation (in collaboration with the Student Union) on the occasion of Independence Day.
  • Our society has its own a bi-monthly magazine called "Bokeh", which serves as a platform for members to have their work featured and celebrated.
  • Vista goes a step further in fostering the growth and development of its members by organizing photowalks and studio shoots.

Office Bearers 2023-24

  • President : Vrinda Verma : B.A. English Hons
  • Vice President, : Samriddhi Gupta : B.A. Political Science Hons
  • General Secretary : Harshita Deolal : B.Sc. Life Sciences
  • Treasurer : Anika Gupta : B.A. Programme

Social Media Handles

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