Meraki, The Entrepreneurship Cell


Meraki - Approval Letter - NISP Policy

Meraki, the entrepreneurship cell, represents a remarkable initiative spearheaded by the visionary minds of Prof. Haritma Chopra and Dr. Nidhi Chand. This transformative endeavour has garnered well-deserved recognition, as it was credited among the Top Ten Entrepreneurship Cells of the prestigious University of Delhi in 2019. Meraki, the embodiment of entrepreneurial zeal, is a testament to the boundless potential that lies within each individual. It kindles the fire of inspiration, empowering dreamers to transcend barriers and leave an indelible mark on the world. As it continues to champion the cause of creative and sustainable projects, Meraki paves the way for a future where innovation and entrepreneurship serve as catalysts for a brighter, more prosperous tomorrow.




  • Accommodate the budding seeds of entrepreneurial ideas
  • Bridge the gap between missions and the actualization of those ideas
  • Foster an environment of growth and development, Incubate and support small startups in search of validation
  • Extend our outreach to a broader community of academic and professional realms.

Society Activities

1. Startup- Bazaar

In the year 2023, Meraki introduced Start-up Bazaar : the captivating monthly BusinessStall model, an empowering platform tailored specifically for startups nurtured under its guidance. These budding entrepreneurs were graciously provided with dedicated spaces on the campus, where they could proudly showcase and offer their remarkable products and services to the public. This remarkable initiative not only fostered a supportive ecosystem but also served as a beacon of inspiration for women entrepreneurs, encouraging them to fearlessly pursue their dreams. With the collective sales soaring past the INR 1,00,000 mark, Meraki exemplified how even the smallest steps can herald a brighter future. Meraki's unwavering commitment to empowering women entrepreneurs through the monthly Business Stall model showcased their dedication to fostering innovation and transformation.

2. ENTRESCOPE : The Entrepreneurship Summit

Meraki presents Entrescope, a prestigious two-day Entrepreneurship Summit. This extraordinary event transcends conventional boundaries, providing a vibrant platform for thought-provoking speaker sessions, engaging discussions, and a wide range of academic and non-academic events. E-Summit'23 aspires to surpass limitations, fostering an atmosphere where innovative ideas take center stage and inspire positive change amidst challenges. Entrescope stands as an inspiring beacon, offering attendees a glimmer of hope by showcasing the transformative power of entrepreneurial pursuits. Alongside stimulating academic competitions and engaging non-academic events held throughout Delhi University, this summit features captivating speaker sessions that delve into the depths of entrepreneurial wisdom and firsthand experiences.

Office Bearers 2023-24

  • President : Rashi Sharma : -
  • Vice President : Prisha : -
  • General secretary : Mallika Chopra & Devika N Sinha : -
  • Treasurer : Chahat Arora : -

Social Media Handles

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