Dravya, The Finance And Investment Cell


Dravya: The Finance and Investment Club is a student-driven body of Maitreyi College. It aims to inculcate financial awareness and keenness among students. Henceforth, acting as a platform for the exchange of theoretical and practical knowledge. It helps students understand and learn essential skills required to step into the finance world. Currently, Dravya is an initiative run by over 30 students from diverse departments ranging from humanities, commerce to sciences.


Dravya aims to provide its members a place where they can improve their skill sets and talents, plan and coordinate amazing activities, refine their finance and marketing skills, and develop as leaders.

Dravya is determined to help students of Maitreyi College realize, understand and learn more about complex financial terms and technicalities, thus gaining confidence in their successful future selves.


The club is dedicated towards providing information about our economy’s finance and investment market to concerned individuals in a concise and detailed manner. As finance enthusiasts and curious learners, we hope to create a platform that induces our learning juices and also pushes us to learn more about the finance world.

Society Activities

Dravya proudly caters to four departments all working towards the same goals. With this determination at hand, Dravya has organised a number of webinars with prestigious leaders in the domain of finance and business. It welcomed participants from all over the country in its

various inter collegiate level competitions. Dravya has also keenly been working and published newsletters, business reports and case studies.

Dravya organises inter-college events like The Mock Stock under the aegis of Rhapsody: The Annual Fest of Maitreyi College. It also organises events like the Fin-Tambola, an inter college level competition under the fests organised by Arthaneeti: The Economics Association. It also has been keen on increasing the scope of its intra college events like the “De Dhana Dan'', an amalgamation of various informal financial games.

Office Bearers 2023-24

  • President : Vanshika Jain
  • Vice President : Jasneet Deot
  • General Secretary : Shreya Jain
  • Head of Events Management : Rajan Kaur and Ishika Mahajan
  • Head of Research and Development : Hemakshi
  • Head of Marketing Management : Ananya Singh
  • Head of Media Management : Avni Agarwal
  • Head of Mergers and Acquisition : Bhavya Mehta

Social Media Handles

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