Apollonia, The Western Music Society


Apollonia, The Western World Music Society of Maitreyi College was established in 2017 to portray musical talent amongst the college youth



The vision of the society is to coordinate and grow with various music societies across different universities in India by learning and sharing knowledge on a large scale. We intend to do this by hosting various workshops and events where musicians would be given a space to perform and exhibit their talent along with gaining knowledge from different instructors/established musicians whom we intend to invite to our college to give their esteemed seminars and help us broaden our creative minds. Within the society, we also intend to teach our members the importance of interacting with others who are passionate about music just as much as us.


The society aims at recognizing and exploring many languages (western and Indian) and genres of music as well as helping the members of the society to grow and achieve their full potential.

Society Activities

In addition to our vision, Apollonia organises various music events such as Melomania and Indochimes under Rhapsody (The annual fest of Maitreyi College) and others, where we give a stage for solo singers and bands to come to our college and perform in front of a live audience. These events also serve as an opportunity for students to network and collaborate with other musicians.

Musical talent is of the utmost importance, not only limited to our college but for society as a whole. It has numerous benefits, from entertainment to cognitive development. Furthermore, the music society in our college plays a significant role in nurturing musical talent. It provides a platform for students to showcase their abilities and explore more about the music.

Office Bearers 2023-24

  • President : Khushi Pareek : B.A. Prog. (Economics and English), 3rd ear
  • Vice-president : Tarushi Verma : B.A. English (Hons.), 3rd year
  • General Secretary : Sivasankari J : B.A. Political Science (Hons.), 3rd year
  • Vocal Head : Meghna Thapa : B.A. Prog. (Political Science and Hindi), 1st year
  • Instrumental Head : Navya Pachauri : B. A. Prog. (English and Sociology), 1st year
  • Creative Head : Kashish : B.Sc Life Sciences, 3rd year