Artisto, The Fine Arts Society


Artisto is a group of talented young creative artists who want to shine on the horizon of visual arts.  Over the last three years, Artisto has worked tirelessly to accomplish new feats.


Artisto focuses on social growth and ranking and member growth. Artisto has held workshops from  the beginning to bring members closer to different art forms and different art styles. Artisto is  always interested in art education, so we invite talented artists from various places to teach our  members. Artisto has created a space where Artisto members can present their work through the  exhibition and further expand the platform.


One of Artisto's main goals is to promote arts education and harness the talents of its members.  Artisto participated in various exhibitions and held his exhibitions, and the members surprised  everyone with their overwhelming works. To further extend this platform, we have started KRITI, an initiative of selling artworks handcrafted by our beautiful members. These artworks are then  purchased by the college to felicitate the various academicians and chief guests that come to our  college for various seminars.

Society Activities

  • Diwali Mela Stall: Artisto, The Fine Arts Society of Maitreyi College, sets up their stall during the Annual Diwali  celebration Festival- SPARKLES. During the festive season, every year we try to exhibit a fusion of  Modern and Indian art. 
  • Rhapsody : Artisto, The Fine Arts Society of Maitreyi College, helps decorate the college for the much awaited  Annual Cultural Fest of Maitreyi College- RHAPSODY. 
  • Mandala Workshop : Artisto, The Fine Arts Society of Maitreyi College organised an exclusive Mandala Workshop  for 22 delegates from New Zealand. The workshop was organised on February 2, 2023.  The Mandala art is used as an aid to meditation, it is a spiritual symbol in Asian culture. 
  • Organising Competitions: Scribble and Brushstroke , an online creative art and literature themed competition, as well as Art- Avalanche, an online competition whose theme was to recreate any zodiac of one’s choice, were organized  under Sparkles 2022 (The Diwali Mela) from October 15- 18, 2022 and Rhapsody 2023 (The Annual  Cultural Event) respectively.
  • Artisto participated for the second time at India International  Science Festival 2023 which was held in Bhopal, wherein the members  showcased their talent and creativity with their creative paintings. The theme this time was  Artisan's Technology Village- Vocal For Local represented on behalf of Artisto by Chhavi Kholia and Navya Paliwal. 

Office Bearers 2023-24

  • President : Chhavi Kholia : B.A. (Hons.) Economics
  • Vice President : Kashish : B.Sc. (P) Life Sciences
  • General Secretary : Anushka Goel : B.Com (Hons.)
  • Treasurer : Akansha Dubey : B.A. (P)

Social Media Handles