Abhivyakti, The Theatre Society


Abhivyakti is a place filled with diverse minds of female entrenched notions working and performing to be an initiator in the society and promoting empowerment among women. Abhivyakti is a place where womanhood is celebrated, it is a magical mirror that introduces us to ourselves, and it encourages women to be themselves. It will let you express without censoring, think without interruptions, create without judgment and act for society without limitations. Abhivyakti inculcates the confidence to be independent and thrive.


Abhivyakti- The Theatre Society of Maitreyi College was established in 1999. The society nurtures various forms of theatre ranging from Street Theatre to Stage Theatre. It provides a platform for young women to voice out their opinions, giving them a chance at self-exploration and activism through the medium of theatre. The quintessence of Theatre lies in the purpose of spreading awareness. Abhivyakti, therefore, envisages breaking the barricades of social construct.


The vision of the society is to create empowered individuals who are dedicated to, traveling through their minds and exploring every inch of it. The Society envisions transcending thoughts and thoughts into actions. It provides an open ground for ideas and creativities and cherishes all forms of art. We at Abhivyakti desire to develop a whole rounded personality and awaken the desired aptitude to meet the challenges of life.

Society Activities

  • INTIFADA:-Abhivyakti since it’s establishment, has been organising its annual street play event “INTIFADA”. The event is open to all the theatre societies and clubs of the circuit. The plays focus on issues and solutions of the society which needs to be tackled immediately, in the dynamic world. 

AKS:-“AKS” meaning reflections. It is a stage play event held under the annual college fest RHAPSODY. Stage plays are an expression of art of many genres- thriller, social issues, love, hardships etc.

Office Bearers 2023-24

  • - : Ananya Laddha : 3rd year
  • - : Mehdia Zehra : 3rd year
  • - : Harshita Upreti : 3rd year
  • - : Riya Bhargava : 3rd year

Social Media Handles

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