Filmesque, The Filmmaking And Appreciating Society


Filmesque is a vibrant and passionate community dedicated to the art of filmmaking. With a shared love for cinema, individuals celebrate the power of storytelling, the beauty of visual language, and the magic of the silver screen. The film society aims to create an immersive and enlightening experience for film enthusiasts of all backgrounds through curated screenings, engaging discussions, and exciting events. Filmesque focuses on analyzing and celebrating different types of cinemas and even producing our own works. We have made a safe space for young individuals to discuss their favorite films or genre, eventually motivating them to pursue their passion for cinematography, editing, and acting.


Our vision is to be a leading film society that enriches lives and creates meaningful connections through the magic of cinema. We aspire to be a catalyst for artistic exploration, innovation, and collaboration. By curating a dynamic and eclectic selection of films and film reviews from around the world, we seek to create transformative experiences that ignite the imagination, spark dialogue, and encourage a lifelong love for cinema. Our film society aims to be a driving force in cultivating a diverse and inclusive film culture, nurturing emerging talent, and fostering a sense of community among film lovers.


The mission of Filmesque - the film society, is to foster a vibrant and inclusive community that celebrates the art of filmmaking and film reviewing. We aim to engage, educate, and inspire film enthusiasts by providing a platform for diverse voices, thought-provoking storytelling, and cinematic excellence. Through our screenings, discussions, and events, we strive to promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of the power of film as a medium for cultural expression, social commentary, and entertainment.

Society Activities

Filmesque, in collaboration with the student’s union successfully organized a short film-making competition “Filmstill”, under Sparkles- Diwali mela 2022. During Rhapsody 2023, two competitions were held by Filmesque for the annual cultural fest. They were held under the name EPILOGUE’23.  The first was, Through Your Lens, an offline short filmmaking competition that was held on 4th February 2023. The second was Vantage Point, an online writing and analyzing competition, from 26-01-2023 to 03-02- 2023, where the most creative entries were sent.

Filmesque held its seminars for the 2022-23 season with actress and filmmaker Divya Unny, storyteller Anas Khan (@unzip Delhi), and film director Sunaina Bhatnagar (@sunaina_bh).

Filmesque in collaboration with the Students Union organized the screening of the maiden production Surkh, on October 14, 2022, in the seminar room. Tattle Tote, another short film released in August 2023 is written by the members of Filmesque with a tote bag as the narrative.

An intra-society short film competition with the "feel good" theme was organized by Filmesque for society's participants. Based on their performance, "Glimpse of Us" took first place in the competition, and "Chai and Baarish" received special recognition for its innovative concept.

Office Bearers 2023-24

  • PRESIDENT : RIDHIMA UPPAL : B.A. English (Hons.), 3rd Year
  • VICE PRESIDENT : SAANYA BHARTI : B.A. English (Hons.), 3rd Year
  • GRAPHIC DESIGN HEAD : NUPUR BHARADWAJ : B.A. English (Hons.), 3rd Year
  • CONTENT HEAD : KAIVALYA : B.A. English (Hons.), 3rd Year
  • HR - PR HEAD : NAVI ARORA : B.A. English (Hons.), 3rd Year

Social Media Handles

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